Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Airlife Memorial 10k

Airlife Memorial 10k in Littleton, CO

Thursday, April 01, 2010

mile repeats

One of my favorite workouts yesterday, but sooo hard. I couldn't have run any faster afterwards.

4xmile (6:38-6:44) with 200 jog in between. After the first two miles, I had to do a 200 walk and then 200 jog in between splits. :(

6:42, 6:36, 6:48, 6:39 - Have been feeling really sluggish lately.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

One of the most beautiful runs I have done since I've moved to Colorado...and I ran from work! South Valley Park - Coyote Song trail. A dirt path winding through red rock formations and grasslands. 7.1 mile loop. Tough but well worth it. Can't wait to get out there again!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 - Time to run around

2009 was clearly an uneventful year, since there was nothing to write about, right? Well, last year, I worked, ate, ran, ate some more, bought everything there was from Crate and Barrel, and capped off the year with some more eating.

Thanks to slowgirlrunning.blogspot.com and her great blog, I'm trying to be more accountable for my running, now that I have gotten more serious about it. I figure I can at least blog about my workouts and races, as a way to keep a record of what's going on and be accountable for training. In late 2008, I started running on a regular schedule again, but this time with a coach sending my workouts of what to do. I figured that it would get me back in shape - and it certainly has. Last year was a great first year of running regularly. I ran a handful of 5k's, a 10k, a 10-mile race, and a couple half marathons (plus a cool relay). It has been a commitment for sure, but I've managed to PR in every distance that I raced last year. I will never be a "fast" runner or win a race, but I'm definitely working on setting personal bests. The first half of the year I'm focusing on shorter distances and hopefully, if I stay healthy, I'll aim for Chicago Marathon in October.

Workouts this year have been good, considering my set back with a nasty sinus infection at the end of 09. Last week, I had a good 40+ mile week with some really tough track workouts. I managed to do some 800 repeats in 3:03. Most exciting part was that they were not all out, so I could have gone a little faster. I got in some 7-minute mile repeats on the Bear Creek Trail, which was also fun. Great long run back in Boulder this morning with Susan.

I found a 5k in February and my goal will be a 20:40. I was hoping I could dip below 20 minutes before the big 3-0, but that might be a bit ambitious.

OK, I better eat. Check out www.coachjayjohnson.com and flotrack.org They help keep me motivated.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Notes from the Underground. version enid oklahoma (part I)


1) The local morning radio show recently had a trivia contest, and the grand prize was a toothbrush. Yes, a toothbrush.

2) Yesterday, on the same radio station, I heard the song "How Bizarre" TWICE in one day. This is 2008 people.

3) People here consistently drive below the speed limit here, just to piss me off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free Hugs - Sick Puppies

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I made this delicious dish last week. Grilled chicken sauteed in a garlic sherry vinegar with penne pasta in a pesto alfredo sauce. Side of grilled seasoned broccoli rabe. Beautiful contrast in colors, no?

Friday, April 13, 2007

What deadline?

Just finished my taxes...whew! I'm way early, even though I did them all by myself this year. Someone get me a piece of cake.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is funny. Funny because it's true.

from ESPN:

Pssst. Do us a favor. Put down the dog-eared RPI printout. Minimize that bracket PDF. You have until high noon Thursday to make your final NCAA Tournament picks, plenty of time to break down Notre Dame vs. Winthrop and figure out where Belmont is on a map. (Nashville. You're welcome.) In the meantime, relax. Indulge us. We have a story for you.
Actually, it's a story about you.

For four days in March — four glorious days in March — all of us are exactly alike: unproductive, fanatical, irrational and, if you ask the human resources department, downright criminal. So don't ask the HR department, or the lawyers, or your boss, since all three basically exist to stamp out fun wherever they find it.

That is, unless they're busy filling out their own brackets.

Between Selection Sunday and Thursday's opening tip, that's when we truly stand united, bound by our annual obsession. One nation under a bracket. E madness unum. So let this be a warning, too: Those who would attempt to murder the office pool — like the grumpy British taxing our Colonial tea — do so at their peril. Take the Memphis Grizzlies. When they traded Shane Battier, they lost more than a glue guy. They lost the team's bracket guy, a former tournament standout who never forgot his collegiate roots. Result? The Griz lack a locker room pool. And they suck.

Tread lightly, killjoys. Tread lightly.

Besides, everyone does it. All the cool cats. Politicians and waiters and hard-core gamblers and kids. Oh my. Some people use, as you'll read, something called the Markov Chain, which in our imagination is slung low across Anna Kournikova's abs. Others pick winners Discovery Channel-style, by the principle of Mascot Fight Club (Bluejays are no match for a Wolf Pack). Some of us sit in our cubicles. Others sit in big-league clubhouses. A few of us are even cooking ribs. Thanks to the Internet, you don't even need an office to have an office pool.

We test our mathematical formulas, touch base with long-lost friends, pretend there's no money actually involved in any brackets, since gambling is technically illegal in many states. Much like jaywalking and spitting on the sidewalk. Cough.